How Often Do You Need To Have Your Carpet Cleaned?

Keeping your carpet clean is the best way to improve its longevity. The presence of dirt and dust particles in a carpet can cause its fibers to deteriorate at a much faster pace. Vacuuming the carpet yourself is a good start but you might need to call a professional to have your carpet thoroughly cleaned.
You should have a professional clean your carpet on a regular basis. The frequency entirely depends on the amount of traffic in your home or your place of business. If you own a business with a carpeted floor, you should find a cleaning service that can come in once a week to vacuum the carpet. Ask them to use a carpet shampoo at least once a month.GirlOnCarpet-300x200
If you have carpeted floors at home, you should have a professional come in on a monthly basis to clean the carpet. You can have your carpet cleaned more often if you feel that there is a high amount of traffic in your home. If you have pets and children, you will probably need to have your carpet cleaned on a more frequent basis.

The type of carpet you have will also determine how frequently you need to have it cleaned. A heavy carpet will be more durable, which makes this type of carpet a great investment for a high traffic area. You should take this into consideration when shopping for carpet. The professional cleaners you hire will be able to tell you what kind of carpet you have and how often it should be vacuumed or shampooed.
Take the time to learn more about different carpet cleaning businesses in your area before you hire someone to clean your carpet. Carpet cleaning can seem like an unnecessary expense but having your carpet cleaned will actually make it last a lot longer.