Our Process

POWERFULL Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

Our equipment has been modified, and customized to better achieve the goals of outstanding water recovery, and high SUSTAINED cleaning temperature.  This translates to faster dry times, & better cleaning. 
We achieve outstanding results with our system because we include several
other steps that many cleaners tend to leave out…

Pre-vacuuming: It is important to remove as much dry soil as possible before getting the carpet wet otherwise a “mud pie” get’s created. This simple step is often over looked by carpet cleaners.

Pre-Spraying:  We apply a premium non harsh cleaning solution to the carpet prior to steam cleaning. This prepares the carpet for extraction by dissolving embedded soil and grim. This is another step that is sometimes skipped by other companies or only done for an extra charge. We include this as standard on every job!

Pre conditioning of high traffic areas:
 If needed we will use either a special designed carpet rack or a dual counter rotating brush machine or our pad machine to power scrub heavily soiled or worn areas. This step makes a dramatic difference when it comes to getting those traffic areas to come back to life.  We include this step as standard if needed.

Steam Cleaning: Due to the previous steps, we are now able to easily extract and rinse the carpet free of soil & grime without having to make multiple wet passes. NOTE: We do not run detergent through our steam line, rather we run purified fresh water to flush the carpet free of soil, grime and detergent residue.  This leaves carpet that is softer, cleaner, and brighter. And perhaps most important FREE of sticky detergent residue.

ROTOVAC 360I power wand:  700 cleaning and extraction passes per minute!!  This tool is designed to restore heavy soiled or worn carpet.  If your carpet is in rough shape we will use this in place of our manual steam wand. This tool combined with the cleaning power of our truck mount produces results that are mind blowing!!